Powerful Press-Handling Robot

Powerfully efficient, the six-axis PH200RF shelf-mounted robot is ideal for “jigless” tasks, helping to eliminate inconsistencies of a manual process inside the press room. Engineered with incredibly fast axis speeds and acceleration capabilities, as well as highly-functional drive systems on the S-, L- and U-axes (axes 1, 2 and 3), this robot is a smart choice for high duty cycle applications. A substantial payload capacity and high vibration rating offer maximum durability, and a long reach enables the robot to service press pitches from 6 to 8.5 m in length. Capable of tending several presses at once, the PH200RF has a streamlined upper arm for easy access to parts in tight spaces and a reduced interference design, enabling close placement to machines and fixtures for better use of floorspace.

Material Handling, Press Tending
200 kg
3505 mm
Horizontal Reach
2629 mm
Vertical Reach

PH200RF Specifications