Supports the calibration of clamp-type current meters


The 50 Turn 5500A/COIL is used as a tool for calibrating clamp type current meters that operate by two different principles — as current transformers (AC only), and by the Hall Effect (Both AC and DC). It is impractical to calibrate 1000A rated current clamp meters using a 1000A source. However, by using the 50 turns of the 5500A/COIL in conjunction with a current calibrator you can effectively multiply the current of the current calibrator by a factor of 50 to support the calibration and verification of these clamp-on current meters.

General SpecificationsNumber of Turns


Maximum Current

 11A rms, continuous
 20A rms, 2 minutes

Maximum Duty Cycle Derating

 < 11A, continuous
 > 11A, 2 minutes ON, 8 minutes OFF

Maximum Voltage

 3V rms

Frequency of Operation

DC, 45-440 Hz  (should not exceed rms Voltage rating)
For the 5500A Current Output:  DC, 45-65 Hz, 0-11A
 65-440 Hz, 0-2.19999A
For the 5520A Current Output:  DC, 45-65 Hz, 0-20A
 65-440 Hz, 0-2.99999A
 This specification assumes that a Fluke 80i-600 Clamp Meter or equivalent is attached. Other clamp meters may limit the 5500A/5520A Current Output drive capability to less than the above.

Uncertainty Due to Clamp Meter/Coil Interaction

 ± (0.25% of effective output + 0.5A), for toroidal-wound current clamps, such as the Fluke 80I and 80I-1000.
 ± (0.50% of effective output + 0.5A), for current clamps like the Fluke 80i-kw, 80i-400, 80i-410, 80i-500, 80i-1010, Fluke 31, Fluke 33, or equivalent.

Calibration DocumentationStatement of calibration practices included; 17025 accredited report optionalMinimum Inside Diameter of Clamp Jaws

 2.54 cm (1 in.)