Repairing Service for Measuring Test Instrument

Repairing Service for Measuring Test Instrument

We have had repairing scope since year 2006. Our engineer teams have repairing experienced for many years in the field of telecommunication, satellite mobile vehicle and electronic device repair services.

Our teams provide the expertise to consult, design and implementation of telecommunication. We further support our products and service through the engineering support.

Our teams is highly trained and experienced enable to provide diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair the most major brand of electric equipment, measurement, analyzer, instrument, radio equipment and tester.

Repair capability cover component & part level at affordable price and also cooperate with our calibration service that is the one stop service here.

90 Days Warranty

Customers will get warranty period in 90 (ninety) days from the date of shipment back to the customers. If the failure is the same fault under normal conditions, we pleased to re-fix the instrument.

If our evaluation finds the failure to be fault from defect in workmanship and materials, we will gladly repair your item again with no charge.

ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation

Our laboratory has continued implementation and accredited the management system of ISO/IEC 17025 for many scopes of the calibration (Electrical, RF Microwave, Temperature, Humidity, Dimension, Mechanical, and On-site Calibration) We have accredited since year 2001.

Now, we are accredited ISO/IEC 17025 from 2 accredited bodies (ONSC and ANAB) for many scopes of calibration, such as, acoustic, vibration, radiation, environment, illumination, air velocity, chemical, thermodynamics, time, frequency, fiber optic, laser power, RF microwave, electrical dc and low frequency, dimensional, mechanical, flow, etc.

The accredited scopes by both bodies cover both in-house and on-site calibration of the most scopes in Thailand.

We are ready to provide calibration service in ASEAN countries.

We have the expert and specialist personnel

with 17 years experience in Calibration Business in Thailand.