High-Payload, Hollow-Arm Robot

Increase production efficiency for high-payload handling applications with the six-axis GP180H hollow-arm robot. Providing extremely fast axis speeds and powerful acceleration capabilities, the GP180H offers optimized cable routing for reduced interference and wear, and it is engineered with increased moment and inertia ratings over the non-hollow GP180 model. Equipped with a wide work envelope and wide wrist motion range, the GP180H improves application flexibility. Ideal for high-density layouts, this robot is pre-wired for servo gripper and equipped with a single robot-to-controller cable connection for easy installation, simple operation and minimal maintenance. A secure mounting location on the robot arm offers a secure space for customer equipment.

Machine Tending, Material Removal, Material Cutting/Trimming, Material Handling, Part Transfer, Press Tending
180 kg
2702 mm
Horizontal Reach
3393 mm
Vertical Reach

GP180H Specifications