High-Speed Multi-Purpose Robot

Achieve high transfer capability with the extremely fast and efficient GP12 robot. Offering number-one payload, speed and wrist allowable moment in its class, this robot is controlled with the YRC1000 controller and can be programmed with the lightweight standard teach pendant or the easy-to-use touchscreen Smart Pendant.

  • Productivity of customers’ equipment can be improved significantly with the robot’s high speed (highest speed in 12 kg payload class).
  • Acceleration/deceleration control has been improved to achieve maximum reduction of acceleration/deceleration times for all robot postures
  • Robot with a 12 kg payload can carry heavy objects and a double gripper can be attached to the arm.

The GP-series robots offer improved acceleration/deceleration control for all robot positions resulting in overall improved productivity. The small footprint, slim arm design allows for minimum installation space and minimizes interference with peripheral devices. Installation is quick and efficient. A single cable is all that is needed to connect the manipulator to the controller, resulting in easy setup and reduced expenses for maintenance and spare parts inventory.

The GP12 robot is compatible with the YRC1000 Controller or the YRC1000micro Controller as well as the standard teach pendant or the Smart Pendant.

Assembly, Material Handling, Part Transfer, Pick and Pack, IP65-67
12 kg
1440 mm
Horizontal Reach
2511 mm
Vertical Reach

GP12 Specifications