The 5440A-7003 is a set of three test lead cables. These test leads use lower thermal emf material connectors than standard test leads, minimizing the emf caused by the temperature difference between the ends of the leads. There are two test leads that are 24 inches in length and one test lead that is 48 inches long. Each test lead is a shielded, two-conductor cable with a separate guard/shield connection.

Length: Two test leads that each are 24 in ± 1 in (61 cm ± 2.5 cm) long; one test lead that is 48 in ± 1 in (122 cm ± 2.5 cm) long

Connector style: Spade lug sized for 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) diameter terminals

Connector materials: Copper space lug with gold plating over silver plating (contains no nickel)

Cable type: Two conductor shielded cable (Belden 8719 or equivalent)

Signal conductors: 16 AWG tinned copper with 19 x 29 stranding

Thermal EMF: Less than 1.3 µV per °C when measured while engaged in a five-way binding post of Tellurium Copper Alloy 145, half hard

Leakage resistance between two conductors or between either conductor and shield: Greater than 1.0 x 1013 ohms per 100 ft at 45 °C and 75 % R.H.