These low thermal test leads have lower thermal emf than standard test leads, minimizing the emf caused by temperature difference between the ends of the leads.

Length: 24 in ± 1 in

Connector size: 4 mm diameter

Connector style: Safety type, with a retractable spring-loaded hood. The connector engages with a wiping action.

Thermal EMF: Less than 1.3 µV per °C when measured while engaged in a five-way binding post of Tellurium Copper Alloy, 145, half hard.

Leakage Resistance between Center Conductor and Shield: Greater than 1.0 x 1013 Ω at 45 °C and 75 % R.H.

Cable type: RG-58/U type with AWG20 stranded and tinned center conductor (19 x .0071 in) (Belden 8262 or equivalent)

Safety ratings: Designed to meet UL 1244 to 1100 V ac